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Minor car repair damage you can fix yourself, or go to Autobody Sydney!

As frustrating as it is, it’s pretty much inevitable that your car will get chipped, scratched or dented at some point in your life.Even if you’re not an expert in DIY, there are actually some minor car repair damage that you can fix yourself, if you feel comfortable with the steps. However, if you’re not completely comfortable and want to ensure that your repair is flawless, then you can call Autobody! We are Sydney's leading minor car body repair specialist, and will do an impeccable repair for you in just a couple of hours.

Repairing a minor paint scratch

You will need:

  • Paint

  • A fine-tipped touch up brush

  • A cloth

  • Masking tape

  • Primer

  • Sand block

  • Grain paper

  • Polish


  • First of all, you need to make sure that you have the right paint to match your current vehicle. In order to find your perfect match, Autobody Sydney uses specialist software that allows us to select the exact makeup of your cars paint. Each vehicle has a unique colour code and mix paint which relates to a specific colour formula.

  • Clean the damaged area thoroughly and then dry it down with a cloth. Cleaning the scratch ensures that no dirt or contamination interferes with process.

  • Apply masking tape around all areas of the car that are surrounding the scratch – this will protect them from any potential colour overspray.

  • Sand back the damaged area so the layers of paint and primer are visible, then still fill and prime.

  • Allow the repair to cool down until it’s at normal temperature. Use a heated lamp if you have access to one, this will speed up the cooling down process to about 15 minutes.

  • Once primed, you’re ready to paint! Apply the paint evenly in thin layers, whilst waiting for each layer to dry before applying the next.

  • Finally, apply polish to the finished repair and your car should look good as new!

Repairing a minor dent

There are a range of very quick and easy methods you can do when looking to repair a minor dent.

The plunger method

You will need:

  • A plunger

  • Vaseline


  • Clean the area and then dry with a towel

  • Moisten the end of the plunger with some Vaseline – this will aid the process of pulling out the dent

  • Fix the plunger firmly around the dent, and then gently push and pull the plunger in order to pop the dent out.

  • Your dent should then pop out relatively easily!

The hair dryer method

You will need:

  • A hair dryer

  • Dry ice


  • Drastic changes in temperature makes metal expand and contract more easily, which means that you should be able to repair your dent! For the best chance of this working, you will need to make the metal as hot as possible, and then as cold as possible in the shortest time frame that you can.

  • Set the hairdryer to the maximum temperature and hold on the dent for a few minutes

  • Remove the hairdryer quickly and then immediately apply to dry ice to the dent.

  • This drastic change in temperature should mean that you are able to pop back into its original shape.

The Hammer method

You will need:To be able to access the metalwork on the other side of your dent

  • A hammer

  • A cloth


  • Take a large piece of flat metal and cover it in with a cloth in order to protect the paintwork on the exterior of the car.

  • Place the metal up against the dent on the outside of the car and hammer the dent from the inside.

  • With a few knocks at the right angle, the dent should pop out in next to no time.

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Dent Repair, Wheel Repair, Bumper Repair, Car Paint Repair & Car Scratch Repair.

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